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Entrepreneurship is the driving force for emerging economies development and growth. It empowers individuals, helping to alleviate poverty and giving hope to many to live a sustainable and productive life.                                                               
Entrepreneurship is seen as involving two vital ingredients: innovation and creativity—but with that little extra push to achieve. This programme is designed to foster entrepreneurial talent and to encourage and develop entrepreneurial/ small business management skills through the review and application of theory and practice in the field. The diversity of entrepreneurship in today’s dynamic commercial and social environments will be highlighted. Students will be challenged to think and act entrepreneurially with the objective of them starting to consider being in a position to start their own business or being able to bring an entrepreneurial approach to existing businesses. It also aims to make them aware of opportunities in the market place and generate a ‘can do’ mentality - one that empowers students and shows them that they can shape their own destinies. This is a starting point on this journey embrace it and takes control of your future

If you wait for Politicians or Bankers to create your Future think again! You need an Entrepreneurial Mindset

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