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1.    Keeping us all healthy and safe: do not put yourself or anyone else at risk in the workplace by your actions or failure to act. Please be continuously aware of any potential hazards and ensure these are reported or if possible sorted out straight away (if safe to do so!). If you are involved in or see an accident (or near miss) please ensure this is reported and also recorded in our accident book.
In the event of a fire, only very small fires should be dealt with using an extinguisher, and then only if safe to do so. Otherwise raise the alarm and exit the building; once safe call the fire brigade.
If you are at all concerned that you are being placed in a dangerous situation in any way through your employment, please discuss this with us immediately.
If working in an outsourced premises, then please make sure you are aware of the fire/emergency exits and make sure you announce any evacuation procedures i,e nearest exits to any  participants in the event  of emergency.

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